Signing Your e-Book Over to a Publisher May Put You at Risk!

So, you have written your novel and slaved over the unkempt manuscript until you edited it to perfection. You set up a account and found someone willing to do your cover art for a reasonable rate. You learned more about ISBNs than you ever wanted to and did a little happy dance when your first proof arrived. Then, you sent your novel to and bragged to friends and relatives about your newly published book.

Your book gained recognition and a publisher contacted you! Finally, you were published by a “real” publisher and you were ready to start earning “real” profit!

Then, you received a disturbing bit of information. contacted everyone who bought your self-published book and offered to give them refunds. Only, will not be giving the refund. YOU will!  

This isn’t the happiest little scenario, is it?

Maybe not, but it is exactly what happened to Jamie McGuire.

After her e-book, Beautiful Disasters, was picked up by a publisher, Amazon began sending emails to her customers encouraging them to return it for a refund that Jamie has to pay!

I don’t know Jamie personally, but I feel for her. I could not imagine the stress she must be under, not to mention her frustration with Amazon!

Now, don’t get me wrong. I have been a big Amazon supporter and I make several purchases from the site each year. However, I am not in favor of what is happening to Jamie! I do not know all the details, although I have been stalking her blog for some time now to hear more. She hasn’t posted anything else about the Amazon refund business, which tells me that she is still as confused as the rest of us probably are.

To me, it seems like Amazon is trying to dissuade self-published authors from signing on with a different publisher. I think this is ridiculous! Several people view self-publishing via Amazon as a way to break into the field and possibly land a publisher. If Amazon keeps encouraging returns, we may see a sharp decrease in the amount of e-books published in the coming months!

I don’t understand why this is happening and I’m not sure how to prevent it. I just wanted to help raise awareness of this issue. If you purchased Beautiful Disasters, please do not ask for a refund. Jamie insists that there is nothing wrong with the e-book copy and she will have to pay your refund, not Amazon!


What do you think?

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