I’m Going to Camp!


I’m going to be teaching and counseling these cool kids (along with about 30+ more) this week, so if I’m a bit late to approve a comment or to return a message, please forgive me.  I’m going to be in a remote camping spot where cell phone reception will be limited and wi-fi will be a mythological creature, so it will take longer than usual to get back to you.  I do have a few posts scheduled for this week, so I won’t go completely off the grid.

I’m so excited to be going to youth camp.  It is one my favorite parts of summertime and my birthday is during the summer, if that tells you anything.  And this year, my little church is having their very own camp for our kids and as many visiting kids as we can bring along.  That means I’ve been more involved in the planning and I will have more responsibilities as well, which is exciting.  I get to teach the biggest class and deliver the nightly devotions for the girls in my cabin.  I also get to take part as craft leader and help out with recreation.  I’m going to have a blast!

Of course, having a blast is not all that youth camp is about, but it is a great perk.  If you are the praying kind, please pray that our kids stay safe, that souls are won and hearts are cleansed this week.

I’ll be back online next week!


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