Progress Report: CampNano & #WriteMotivation

I have made zero progress.  Literally, none.

But, that’s okay.  Its not like I’ve been completely unproductive.  I have done tons of preparation for camp and work was very crazy this week.  We had some major holdups, a big scare, and I was late getting off every single day.  Bleh!

If you want, you can check last week’s progress report to see how I did.

I have already signed up for August and I think I will be much more productive.  No camp to prep for and I’ll be working less.   I’m excited to get started, so I’m going to go ahead and share my goals now.

#WriteMotivation Goals

  1. Finish planning One to Live
  2. Query manuscript to 15 agents
  3. Paint & move furniture into apartment
  4. Gain 15 more blog followers

I tried to set more realistic goals, keeping in mind that I’ll be heading back to UNA at the end of the month.  I have mixed feelings about that.  Its my last semester (yay!), but, you know, its my last semester as an undergrad.  For me, that’s a very big deal, because I’m a first-generation scholar and the entire post secondary ed journey has been a crazy, stressful, mess.  I know it isn’t supposed to be easy, but I have had several issues with my department, with financial aid, with advisers, and with changing my major.  I’ve applied to graduate three times, only to be told that I can’t for nit-picky reasons.  If I could just go to class, learn the material, and make the grade, I would be fine.  Unfortunately, that isn’t the case (for anyone!) and I’ve had my share of trouble.  So, the fact that I’ve finally made it to the cusp of my last semester . . . that’s powerful stuff.  But, I digress.  🙂

So, I have my realistic goals, keeping in mind that I’ll be returning to school, and I’m ready to get started.  The first week will be slow, because I’ll still be at camp.  I don’t expect to put much progress on next week’s report, but there isn’t much I can do when I’m working with kiddos all day long.  And that’s just fine.  Youth camp is the only “vacation” I ever take from the real world.  So, if I’m unproductive for two weeks, that’s fine by me.  Everyone deserves a little down time once in a while!


4 thoughts on “Progress Report: CampNano & #WriteMotivation”

  1. That’s what it’s all about, hon. Being as realistic as you can be (unforeseen circumstances aside), and therefore achieving what you set yourself.
    Yay for last semester, but boo for the stress. I hope August isn’t too stressful a month for you.

    1. Yes, realistic goals are so important, but I always think I can achieve way more than is possible. I’m working on it, though! These progress reports are helping me do that. 🙂

  2. I think those are very realistic goals. I went the same route (sort of) with wanting to clean up my place a bit more.

    Good luck on your goals. I look forward to see how awesome you do and congrats on the new apartment if it is new. 🙂

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