I Return with a Degree & High Hopes

I’m afraid to show my face in these parts.  I’ve been away for so long.  But, I had to put this blog on the back-burner for a bit so that I could finish up my degree requirements and graduate.

And, here I am, on a drizzly Saturday morning, not quite believing that it’s finally over:

Ah, the dreaded upward shot, forever adding approximately 25 pounds to the face. 😉

It took me twelve semesters over the span of four and a half years to earn my degree in professional writing.  That is so crazy, isn’t it?  I graduated high school over four years ago.  Just thinking about it makes me feel so nostalgic and giddy and, frankly, old.

But, it’s over.  I graduated (Cum Laude, in fact), which means that I never have to crack open another book if I don’t want to.  Such a great feeling.  But, I cannot imagine life without a book on my nightstand.  In fact, I’ve already stocked up for the next few months:

BAM should really stop offering me $10 off every $50 I spend online. I’m developing a serious problem.

I’ve decided to take some time off from school.  I want to continue my education, but I need a mental break first.  Actually, that’s a lie.  I need a break where I can learn what I want and be productive my way.  Maybe that’s silly or selfish, but it is what I need to do, so I’m going to spend the next few months learning about and acting on my interests.  So, I will be freelancing, writing and developing websites.

I will also be blogging.  This blog means a lot to me.  In fact, I spoke to a few classes this semester about blogging, and I even developed an instructional presentation specifically for WordPress.com beginners.  This is important to me.  You are important to me.  I’m going to spend the next few months developing a better blogging routine so that when I go to grad school, I will not have to stop blogging.  It is way too important for me to stop again.

Expect to see more posts, but, with those posts, you should also expect new topics.  I blog about what I know and learn.  Since I will be learning how to freelance, blog and create websites, that’s what I will be writing about.  I will probably refrain from posts about web development, because this is a blog for writers.  But, know that I’m opening that “writer” word up to include freelance and blogging, not just creative writing.  I’m sure it will build a larger community of learners here, so it is a change I’m confident about.  But, rest assured.  Creative writing is and will continue to be my first priority.  Along with learning how to create websites and earn money freelancing, I will also be editing one of my manuscripts and rewriting another.

So, next “semester” (what do non-students call half years, anyway?) I’m going to be working tons, but I’m going to be doing what I want for a change.  I cannot wait!

I know this post was very self-centered, and perhaps I’m breaking some content rules here.  But, I felt you should know where I stand and what to expect.  I hope you’re a little excited.  Things are going to be very different around here!


What do you think?

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