Six Month Jellybean Check-In

Exactly six months ago, I made some goals.  Goals that I felt were very important for me to accomplish in my 22nd year.  I had just watched a motivational video about jellybeans, which I will share with you for a second time:

These are the goals that I set six months ago along with my progress toward their completion:

Goals for year 22:

– Get as close as possible to publishing my manuscript (the traditional way) (I’ve edited more, but I’m hoping to tackle this one within the next few months)

– Read more (at LEAST 2 books per month) (School sucks away most of my time.  I’ve read 9 books so far, which puts me 3 behind.  But, I’m confident that I can catch up with the time I have off school.)

– Attain B.S. in professional writing (Yep!)

– Get TESOL certified (Pretty sure I’m not going to do this one.  I was thinking about getting the TESOL and teaching in the Bahamas, but now I’m on track to go to Auburn, so it may not help me at all.  Still debating.)

– Decide between teaching abroad/MFA/master’s program/”real” job  (I’m still pretty undecided.  I’ve written off the MFA for the time being.  And if I teach abroad or get a “real” job rather than going to Auburn, then I will take classes each semester to build up to an MA.)

– Apply SEO techniques to this blog and attract more followers (I bought a book.  I’m reading the book.  So, I’m working on it.)

– Write a novel (I wrote half of one in July.  Then, at the beginning of August, I plotted a different novel entirely and fell in love.  I’m hoping to work on it in my time off.)

– Publish more short stories (I sent one for publication earlier this month and another to a short story contest that I will tell you more about later.)

– Conquer the NaNoWriMo challenge (What can I say?  I tried.  Twice.  NaNo isn’t for me as far as novel-writing goes  But, I can still rebel and focus on content creation for this blog.  That’s what I hope to do the next time it comes around.)

So, considering I had the hardest semester ever this year and that I’ve also been working two jobs, I’m pretty happy with what I’ve accomplished.  I have a lot to do in the next few months, but I’m confident.  That’s part of why I’m taking time off school, after all.



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