#WriteMotivation: January Goals

Man, have I missed this.  It reminds me of summertime.  Ah, the tweets.  The people.  The cookies.

For those of you who don’t know, #WriteMotivation is a goal-oriented community for writers.  It’s a great network, and I love being part of it.

This time, I remembered to copy and paste my goals into a post rather than scratching my head trying to add them from memory.  I’m learning, guys!

Anyway, this is what you’ll be hearing about every Monday in January:

1.  Re-outline DR.
2.  Write two short stories.
3.  Write four chapters of Cherno.
4.  Land several freelancing gigs (make at least $50 per week).
5.  Read something fun.
6.  Nail the GRE.
7.  Finish Auburn portfolio.

Okay, so who else is doing this with me?  What are your goals?  Are you an nth as excited as me?!


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