Pinterest Board Reveal: Outline Your Novel

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It’s time for a new Pinterest board release*.

This month, I focused on novel outlining.  Camp Nano is fast approaching, and I’m sure many of you will be outlining a novel in the months to come.

*I’ve included a link list as well for those of you who may not have a Pinterest account.

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#WriteMotivation – Unattainable Goals & Cookie Cannon Specs

Guys.  Where did all the days go?  I can’t believe it’s the last Monday in January!   Agh!

My January goals are sad little reminders that I ask way too much of myself.  Goal for next month: set attainable goals!

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#WriteMotivation: The Workaholic Surfaces

Since last Monday, I worked solid looking for jobs, writing, cleaning the apartment (it had developed quite a lot of dirt over the holidays), and working on my Auburn portfolio.  From 9-9 Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, I was working.  On Thursday, I worked from 9-2, then I drove home to see my parents.

We keep goats, and they had kids!  So, I took a little time off to go take pictures.  What was that?  You want to see?  Of course.

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35 Unique Character Quirks

Veronika Pilátová: A photo of a woman on a bale of hay.
One quirky looking lady!

‘Ello, writers!  Let’s add a little personality to our characters today, shall we?

I’m doing something different this year.  I’m giving you 1,000 character quirks, one post at a time.  Each post will have a list of several quirks.  I’ll keep posting until we hit our goal.  Then, you’ll have a myriad of them to choose from.

I’m going to list 35 right here, right now.

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