#WriteMotivation: Stranded & Tweeting

This week has been a bit slow.  Mostly because I’m stranded (enter the blizzard) 1.5 hours away from my office.  I’m at my parents’ house now, which has a desk in my room but none of my lovely writing stuff.  Like my novel outlines and notes.  My character charts.  My entire library of writing books and my personal collection of writer helps.  It’s all far, far away.

But, #WriteMotivation is about overcoming obstacles. So, I’m making progress, even without all of my writing tools.  Here’s where I am so far:

1.  Re-outline DR.  I’ve thought about the plot, which is something.  Really.  Most of my work takes place in my head, then I scribble things down and consider it finished.  So, I have started, but I still need to focus on this one more in the weeks to come.
2.  Write two short stories.  Again, I’ve done a lot of head work.  I have the ideas, I just need to pick which ones I want to write.  Will be working on that this week.
3.  Write four chapters of Cherno.  All of my Cherno notes and character charts are at the apartment, so I’m holding off on this until I retrieve them.  I would go ahead without the notes, but I need to adjust some things, and it has been seven months since I’ve seen the original outline.
4.  Land several freelancing gigs (make at least $50 per week).  I found the positions I want to apply for, and I created an awesome, updated resume.  Will be applying to eight positions tomorrow evening.
5.  Read something fun.  I’ve started reading Divergent.  Yay, fun reading!
6.  Nail the GRE.  I finally got my test results back, and I feel good about it.  I wasn’t blown away by my verbal score, but my written score was high.  I feel comfortable with it, so I’m going to let it be for the time being.  I consider this one checked off.
7.  Finish Auburn portfolio.  I found better photos, which is big.  I still want to go on a photography expedition, though, just so that I can have more photos to include.

I also did something this week that I’ve needed to do.  I learned how to do the Twitter thing.  That sounds lame, probably, but I just didn’t get Twitter before, which is why I only used it to spam people with my new blog posts.  But, since #WriteMotivation works best if you engage, and most of the engagement happens on Twitter, I thought I should learn.  So, I’ve read articles, followed Twitter superstars and, yes, even tweeted.  Well, re-tweeted.  Which is a kind of tweeting.

If you haven’t followed me yet, I call myself @jessie_writes.  If such things interest you.  😉


10 thoughts on “#WriteMotivation: Stranded & Tweeting”

  1. I abhor social media for the most part (that’s the extremely introverted part of me) but I understand the purpose for Twitter and Facebook, etc. I just… fail at using it, too.

    Divergent is good. I still need to read the rest of the series, personally. I saw the movie trailer for it last night with Catching Fire, though, and it looks AMAZING.

    Congrats on the GRE, and I hope you get back to your own place soon! I know how frustrating it is to have plenty of time on your hands to write, but none of the things you need to do so.

    1. I hope Divergent will be good. I honestly need to be reading more YA, because that’s what I write. I find it hard to find the time. When I find it, I usually read nonfiction, because I’m a crazy obsessed-with-learning type person. 😉

      And you are so right about having the time to write but none of the tools. It is very frustrating, but I should be back by next week. And I’ll probably drag all of my stuff with me whenever I visit my parents again, just in case. I’m pretty attached to some of it anyway, and I don’t fancy this separation.

  2. Yikes for being stranded! Here’s hoping you can get back to your place soon. And congratulations on the GRE!

    A couple of fantastic YA series I’ve been reading are His Fair Assassin (historical fantasy romance) by Robin LaFevers and the Finishing School series (steampunk!) by Gail Carriger. I also enjoyed the hell out of Cinder by Marissa Meyer (futuristic cyborg Cinderella retelling), but I haven’t read the next book in the series, Scarlet. (Book 3 comes out in February, I think.)

  3. You are kicking butt! Even though you’re stranded, I think you’re doing fantastic! Also – Welcome to the twitter addiction that we all have 😉

    I absolutely love Anna Dressed In Blood by Kendara Blake (YA Horror)

    1. Thanks! I’m falling hard into this Twitter thing. I keep thinking, “oh! I should Tweet this!”

      I will have to read Anna Dressed in Blood. I love that title. I think I need to make a list. So many great suggestions from everyone! Thanks!

    1. Thanks! I hope I get my gigs, too. Some of them are pretty interesting. And I get what you mean about talking to people in RL. I get way nervous in person, but I’m myself online. Maybe it’s a writer thing?

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