#WriteMotivation: Thwarted by Gregory House, MD

This week was a bit strange.

It all started in the fall of ’09.

A friend of mine and I were attending community college together.  Since I had a three-hour gap between classes, my friend and I started hanging out at Subway to grab dinner and catch up.  And it was there that he introduced me to House MD.

He was in the medical field, and I was majoring in psychology, so the show applied to both of us.  I mean, I know most of it was made-up, but it made me feel smarter anyway.  Probably because my friend and I would debate the overriding moral themes of each episode.  And, since we have opposite viewpoints, it was a great little introduction to academia.  Learning how to debate without getting personal.  Learning how to be friends with someone who believes differently.  It was good for both of us, I think, but I know it was good for me.

Before that semester ended, he gave me every season of House MD that was available at the time.  I burned the episodes to my external hard drive, and I watched them throughout the Christmas break.

Fast forward to Christmas Eve ’13.  I was on the verge of full-blown flu.  Fever.  Chills.  Aches.  My father gave me special, home-mixed salve.  My mother bought me cough syrup.  I spent Christmas morning feeling miserable.  Then, I remembered that I had all the seasons of House MD.  And, so, the week progressed one episode after another.

Fast forward again to last week.  I would like to say that I was apart from my productive things, so I thereby couldn’t do anything even though I desperately wanted to.  But, there were things I could do.  Instead, I allowed the week to progress.  One episode at a time.

Maybe I was nostalgic (I’m a recent grad and House MD reminds me of when I was a freshmen) or maybe I just wanted to see the episode where Cuddy finally gets her baby.  I’m not sure.  But, I could have done more.

1.  Re-outline DR.  Considering letting this one sit for a while longer.  I feel like the content is a bit dated by now.  Then again, if I don’t work on it, my friends and my mother would probably have me whacked.  So, I guess I’ll pencil it in for this week.
2.  Write two short stories.  I have their plots.  I have an inkling about the characters in them.  Putting pen to paper this evening.
3.  Write four chapters of Cherno.  I’m so excited to be able to start on this tonight.  It has been six months since I had the idea, and my hands were tied with school and work.  I finally have time!  Huzzah!
4.  Land several freelancing gigs (make at least $50 per week).  I applied to seven, and I’ve found more to apply to.  So far, one person has contacted me to say that the position was full.  But, it’s still early.
5.  Read something fun.  Reading Insurgent now.  Loving this fun stuff.  🙂
6.  Nail the GRE. 
7.  Finish Auburn portfolio.  Didn’t touch it.  Will work on it this week, though.  It’s so much easier when UNA is five minutes away, full of professors willing to help me.

So, I only inched forward a little.  But, that’s okay, because I am finally back at my apartment with all the things I need to be productive again.  The bad news is that I had to leave my wonderful parents.  And my sweet pup.

I also had to deal with moving all of this in:

A mess.

But, I put everything away.  I cleaned my kitchen so now I can sleep at night (have I mentioned I’m OCD about having a clean kitchen?).  Anyway, I have no excuse not to work.  Which is kind of great, because I need to make up for lost time.

I know this one was a bit long, loves.  Sorry.  Hope you’re all doing well.  Will make my #writemotivation rounds tomorrow evening, and I will wave my pom poms and give plenty of well-earned cookies to each of you.


6 thoughts on “#WriteMotivation: Thwarted by Gregory House, MD”

  1. We all know that life can kick you in the butt sometimes. It’s ok. When you start feeling better then you can get back in the swing of it all! Good luck!

  2. I was also sick over the holiday and watched lots of tele with my daughter home from college. Sometimes our brains just need to rest, and I’ve found myself many times more productive. You can do it! And any progress should be noted. Good luck!

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