35 Unique Character Quirks

Veronika Pilátová: A photo of a woman on a bale of hay.
One quirky looking lady!

‘Ello, writers!  Let’s add a little personality to our characters today, shall we?

I’m doing something different this year.  I’m giving you 1,000 character quirks, one post at a time.  Each post will have a list of several quirks.  I’ll keep posting until we hit our goal.  Then, you’ll have a myriad of them to choose from.

I’m going to list 35 right here, right now.

  1. Uses redundant terms (ATM machine)
  2. Collects something
  3. Sweats profusely
  4. Has a tattoo/several tattoos
  5. Has sensitive teeth
  6. Chews hair
  7. Chews nails
  8. Will not use public restrooms
  9. Light sleeper
  10. Kleptomaniac
  11. Will talk to anyone/everyone he/she meets
  12. Has poor hygiene
  13. Talks in his/her sleep
  14. Lips move while reading
  15. Has very good/bad handwriting
  16. Double jointed
  17. Has an allergy (grass, pets, nuts, gluten)
  18. Whistles at random and refuses to stop
  19. Very flexible
  20. Eats everything on his/her plate in a certain order (clockwise, meat first, etc.)
  21. After eating out, he/she always tidies the table and stacks the dishes
  22. Great/horrible tipper
  23. Tech savvy or tech illiterate
  24. Habitually late/early
  25. Can only see out of one eye or hear out of one ear
  26. Writes with left hand, but does everything else with right hand
  27. Amputee
  28. Very inappropriate
  29. Mature for his/her age
  30. Never litters.  Keeps all trash on his/her person.
  31. Is a slob
  32. Eats very quickly/very slowly
  33. Steals sugar or condiments from restaurants
  34. Makes himself/herself at home no matter where he/she is
  35. Great/terrible gift giver

If you have any to add, feel free!

Photo by: Veronika Pilátová


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