#WriteMotivation – Unattainable Goals & Cookie Cannon Specs

Guys.  Where did all the days go?  I can’t believe it’s the last Monday in January!   Agh!

My January goals are sad little reminders that I ask way too much of myself.  Goal for next month: set attainable goals!

You may notice a pattern here.  I tend to ignore my important writing goals and focus on career goals.  Not good.

But, hey, at least I noticed.  Goal for next month: prioritize writing.

Here’s what I’ve done:

1.  Re-outline DR. Still working on it.  Probably won’t be finished by February, but that’s okay.
2.  Write two short stories.  Need to clean them up.  But, mostly finished!
3.  Write four chapters of Cherno.  I got stuck in a rewrite-chapter-one wormhole, so I’m still working on this one.
4.  Land several freelancing gigs (make at least $50 per week).  I’m now working for Brainfuse as a writing tutor.  I’ll be bringing in a little over $20 today, so I’m marking this one off the list.  I believe I can average $50 a week with it.
5.  Read something fun.  Still reading fun things.  Yay!
6.  Nail the GRE.
7.  Finish Auburn portfolio.  Finishing that this week!

I also fired my cookie cannon at a few of you this week.  I was asked about said cookie cannon, so I thought I’d clarify.  It’s a cannon.  That shoots mouth-watering cookies at people’s face areas.  Sometimes it malfunctions into chocolate chip explosions, but it’s been (count it, guys!) a whopping twelve days since that happened.

I won’t get into the physics of the cookie cannon and how the cookies are edible after being launched by gunpowder substances.  I wouldn’t want to bore you.  Just know that cookies are safe to eat once fired.  Unless they hit the ground, because the five-second-rule is a lie.

Anyway.  Remember that Brainfuse gig?  I have about 8 papers that need my immediate attention.  Expect a post with my February goals next Monday.


3 thoughts on “#WriteMotivation – Unattainable Goals & Cookie Cannon Specs”

  1. I’ve slowly learned the past year or so doing WriteMotivation that I can only include particular kinds of goals, or I do the same thing and only focus on specific ones. So, I only put writing goals down. Otherwise I don’t write at all.

    1. I love that idea. If I only use creative writing goals for #WriteMotivation, then I will be holding myself accountable for what really matters to me. I’m going to try it for February. Thanks! 🙂

  2. Congrats on the gig! And all the writing progress. Hopefully I will be fired upon someday and will gladly engage in said cookie war. See you in February!

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