#WriteMotivation – I’m A Teen Again

This week has been great for the YA writer inside of me.  I have a new job, which I love, but part of the job requires that I stay up until 1am-3am.  So, my schedule is a bit off.  I’ve been sleeping until 11 or 12 most days.

My roomie and I have also been having snack cravings, so my diet has shifted from things that say organic on the label to things that say ‘you can’t have just one’ or ‘now with added flavor’.

I haven’t lived like this since I was a teen.  Part of me loves it.  But, the adult part of me is like, ‘get out of bed and eat a salad and go run before your blood clots!’  Still, I’m reminded Jessie the Teen, which is great inspiration for my WIP.

Anyway, here’s what I was able to accomplish this week:

Main Goals

1.  Write four chapters of Cherno.  (I have Chapter 1.  Will work on this more this week.)
2.  Write two short stories.  (I have the idea for one, and I’m still trying to come up for another idea.)
3.  Send writer’s contract for Dodging the 90%.  (I’m doing that as soon as I get off the computer, so we can say it’s completed.)

Stretch Goals

  1. Finish reading Writing Great Books for Young Adults.
  2. Finish reading Content Rules.  (I finished it last week, and I’m going to review it in about a week.)
  3. Do the Writing the Breakout Novel Workbook for Cherno.  (I’ve completed the first six chapters and exercises, so I’m getting there!)

I know I was MIA last week, guys, but I’ll be back to my usual cookie slinging this week.  🙂  I wish each of you the best of luck!


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