#WriteMotivation – Avoiding the Sun & Placating the Masses

Guys.  This week has been crazy.

For one, my online job is booming, which is great.  I love having a surplus of papers to review, and I try to do as many as I can each week without stressing myself out.  But, I still review a lot of papers.  In my first two weeks, I reviewed 72.  Last week?  I took two days off and still managed 19.  That’s insane to me, but I’m proud of how many I’m able to do each day.  I’m glad I can give back.  🙂

The thing is, I had to apply to grad school this week.  It was exciting, but it was also very stressful.  Not because I wasn’t prepared.  To be fair, I was more than prepared.  I’d been preparing since September.  But it was the last week.  And, so, I went into perfectionist overdrive.  I found fault with my portfolio and went in a completely different direction.  I also chose a new writing sample.  And I rewrote my purpose statement.  Twice.

Since business was booming, I continued working.  And, since my job requires me to keep late hours, I started staying up well into the night.  In fact, I was still up at 5 a.m. Monday through Friday, working.  Of course, I would sleep until around 12 p.m., but still.  I did not like going to bed as the sun rose and waking up when it started to decend.  I told Roomie that I felt like I was running from the sun most of the week.

Then, there was my weekend job.

I’m a cashier at one of the only sit-down restaurants in my hometown.  I work weekends.  And weekends are usually crazy.  In the summer, it’s common for us to pull in well over four hundred people a night.

I worked on Valentine’s Day.  By 5 p.m., we already had a massive amount of reservations and call-in orders.  One of my bosses was going to help the front crew seat, because he knew it was going to get busy.

Twenty minutes after opening, we had a seating list.  Thirty-five minutes after opening, something happened.

Suddenly, everyone in the kitchen started screaming for the boss.  I turned to see the sprinkler system go off, sending chemically enhanced water down onto all of the food.

I was staring at the open kitchen door.  I took a few steps closer, not wanting to abandon the register, but wanting to know what was happening.  Then, a wave of hot oil washed across the floor, and the kitchen workers recoiled from it.  After a few seconds of panic, the boss ran into the kitchen and started trying to turn off the cookers.  Somehow, the ventilation system that is supposed to cool the kitchen when the cookers are on was malfunctioning.  The excess heat in the kitchen activated the sprinklers.  When the sprinkler water hit the oil, it started boiling until it overflowed.

Someone handed me the seating list.  Just like that, it was business as usual for me.  I started taking names while the boss helped in the kitchen.  I ran the register.  I took call-in orders.

Fifteen minutes later, with a list already a page and a half long, someone came from the kitchen and told me to let everyone waiting for a table know that the kitchen was closed for the rest of the night.  Not only that, but it would be at least an hour before anyone could be seated.

The customers were not happy.  Some were confused, others said we’d been blessed that no one had been harmed.  Some walked out.  Most let me know how big of an inconvenience it was.

Then, more customers began arriving, hoping to pick up their call-in orders.  It occurred to me that most of them would not get what they had called in for.  They wouldn’t get what they drove all the way out to pick up.  And, as I explained the situation to them, some became outright furious.

Who got to deal with all of those customers?  Who got to seat them for the duration of the night?  Me.

That’s not to say that I was the only one they complained to.  I wasn’t.  But, I was in charge of making them happy until I could seat them.  With a list that long, the most I could do was try not to run over them as I darted from one seating area to the next.  I failed to do  even that a lot.

So, it was a crazy week.  But, here’s what I was able to accomplish:

Main Goals

1.  Write four chapters of Cherno.  (I made a breakthrough that I’m very proud of!)
2.  Write two short stories.  (Not yet.)
3.  Send writer’s contract for Dodging the 90%. (Completed that last week.)

Stretch Goals

  1. Finish reading Writing Great Books for Young Adults. 
    (I’ve started reading.)
  2. Finish reading Content Rules.  (Finished that last week.)
  3. Do the Writing the Breakout Novel Workbook for Cherno.  (I made more progress on this!)

I know it’s a bit lacking.  But, I’m home (with my parents) this week, so I hope being away from the apartment will help me get to work on my WIP.  It’s easy to get sidetracked when I know there are domestic things I need to do.  Like clean and reorganize every room.  😉


11 thoughts on “#WriteMotivation – Avoiding the Sun & Placating the Masses”

  1. You are a go getter! Wow. All your work is inspiring and makes me realize what’s necessary if we want to succeed. I’ve been battling kids with flu this week and feel the lack of sleep myself. But we will persevere!

    1. We will! And you are the go getter here. Moms have TONS more to do than the rest of us. Props for all that you do on top of caring for children – especially sick ones. I hope they feel better soon! 🙂

    1. Yeah, when I was handed the list, I didn’t realize how bad it would be. I don’t like seating people, because I’m not really a people person. I like talking to one or two people that I know and retreating from society a bit to recharge. When you seat, you can’t recharge. But, it went okay. It wasn’t the worst night, customer-wise. Just hectic!

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