A Review of Content Rules by Ann Handley & C.C. Chapman

This book has reshaped the way that I think about blogging, SEO, and content generation.

Not only is the material easy to understand, but it is accompanied by practical examples and the information is helpful and informative.

I’ve read plenty of books and blog posts about blogging.  None of them compare to this book.

I feel like I may be complimenting it too much, so let me add that I’m in no way affiliated with this book or the authors.  I will get zilch if you buy this book.  I am only sharing something that I honestly believe to be helpful.

What I liked most about Content Rules is the way that it is written.  Handley and Chapman present the information in a friendly, approachable way.  Even though this is a book for individuals, small businesses, and corporations alike, it is written so that anyone can understand it.  They don’t stuff it with buzzwords and long, technical terms.  If they do use a technical term, they define it.

As I said, it reshaped the way that I think about blogging and the way we engage online.   It shows how several large companies are rethinking their online presence and changing their ways to attract more customers.  By having an engaging tone and an aesthetically pleasing site, companies can exponentially increase their earnings.  I know this isn’t new knowledge, but the book explains more about how to make the right changes to bring more traffic and how SEO is changing.

While the book seems to be catered to companies, most, if not all, of the advice can be applied to an individual blog.  In fact, I mentally replaced ‘your company’ with ‘your blog’ while I read it, and there were only a few occasions when the information was not applicable.

It also has sections catered toward specific content, such as podcasts, videos, blog posts, ebooks, and webinars.  I found these sections particularly interesting, and I’m excited to experiment with some of them here in the near future.  Each of these sections explains how to create that particular type of content.  It has everything from what you will need to what to include and what to avoid.

If you are a blogger or if you’re interested in becoming one, I highly encourage you to read this book.


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