55 Unique Character Quirks

Some of you may recall my previous character quirks post.  This is the next installment of quirks!

  1. Neat freak
  2. Natural host
  3. Air-headed
  4. Big flirt
  5. Doesn’t realize how terrible his/her singing is
  6. Adds emphasis to words in most sentences
  7. Lectures friends about interests
  8. Whiny
  9. Has a very annoying voice
  10. Has an outrageous wardrobe
  11. Smokes a particular cigar – always smells like it
  12. Snob
  13. Bookworm
  14. Ambitious
  15. Brave
  16. Cowardly
  17. Dog lover
  18. Cat lover
  19. Owns pet snakes/reptiles
  20. Car enthusiest
  21. Natural cook
  22. Love watching foreign sports on TV
  23. Hates technology
  24. Artistic
  25. Musically talented
  26. Bargain hunter
  27. Excellent barterer
  28. Collects pretty boxes, keeps nothing in them
  29. Reads the entire menu at restaurants
  30. Indecisive
  31. Hopeless romantic
  32. Has an eye for style/design
  33. Hates artwork
  34. Talks to his/her pets in baby-talk
  35. Talks to his/her pets as if they will respond
  36. Reckless spender
  37. Reckless driver
  38. Growing hair out for Locks of Love
  39. Has scoliosis
  40. Vegan
  41. Follows the paleo diet
  42. Leads an active lifestyle
  43. Great with children
  44. Terrible with children
  45. Forgetful
  46. Has a magnificent beard
  47. Takes too long to order at restaurants
  48. Loves an odd chore (such as grocery shopping or doing dishes)
  49. Hyperactive
  50. Sluggish
  51. Family-oriented
  52. Extremely lucky
  53. Mooches food from others
  54. Keeps self well-groomed
  55. Has a very nervous stomach

Do you have any to add?


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