I have big news!

I’m so sorry for my absence lately.  I do miss this place.  I miss all of you.  I really really do.

But, there is a reason.  I’m going to tell you a little story that will explain everything.

About five months ago, I crossed paths with a professor of mine on campus.  He asked me about my plans for graduate work, and I stammered on about MFA programs and fallback options.  To be honest, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do.

After I told him what I was considering, he suggested that I check out Auburn University’s Master of Technical and Professional Communication program.

Over the next few days, I fell in love with the program.  It seemed to have everything that I wanted.  It had a very strong design focus and it offered a minor in technology.  My professor also mentioned that I could take creative writing classes if I wanted to.

In the following months, I met with my professor often.  I told other professors about my decision to apply to Auburn.  Everyone seemed excited for me.  They were encouraging and helpful.  Everything seemed to be on track.

The only problem was me.  My school load and my two jobs were stressful before my decision to apply to Auburn.  When I decided to apply, I knew I had even more work to do.  I had to get four letters of recommendation, write a purpose statement, study for the GRE, and create an aesthetically pleasing portfolio.  Even with plenty of help, I was still stressed.

Then, things started to go wrong.  My phone died, and I had to order a new one.  The new one stayed overseas on back-order for two months, so I had to use an old, buggy one.

After that, my car battery died.  Not a week later, my laptop got a virus.  I could no longer open files from the internet.  If you’ve taken college courses recently, you’ll know that opening internet files and documents is very, very important.  I couldn’t do my homework.  I tried, for a while, to do most of my work on campus.  But, my computer only got worse.  So, I went to Best Buy and made a very impulsive purchase.  Thankfully, my new laptop was cheap ($250) and it works great.  I haven’t had a single complaint.

When I returned to my car at Best Buy, my gear shift would not work.  Now, remember my buggy phone?  It only called out when it wanted to.  And that morning, it didn’t want to.

So, I was stuck at Best Buy with a brand new laptop an hour before I had to be at work.  I was very stressed, and more than a little overwhelmed.  So, I got angry.  Very angry.  I kept fidgeting with the gear shift until I realized that the problem was with the button.  I could press it, but it wasn’t working.  I decided that if I stripped the rubber part off of the gear shift that I might be able to make it manually work.

In my Hulk-smash anger mode, I yanked and pulled on the rubber covering until I had stripped it off.  On top of the naked gear shift was a long button.  If I used both hands, I could push it down enough to switch gears.  I made it back to the apartment like that and then all the way home to Mississippi.  My dad found another rubber covering for me and made the replacement.

All of this took place within one month.

Then, when I had replaced all of my gadgets and fixed my car, I started having health problems.  I was dizzy and fainting.  Once, I could not walk without holding onto the walls for support.  My doctor told me that I would likely need surgery.  I knew that I couldn’t take time off school and work, and graduation seemed very close.  I decided to wait, which left me feeling dizzy and weak.

The stress of that semester was horrible, but I kept working on my Auburn application materials.  During my breaks at both jobs I studied for the GRE.  I took off work some weekends just to get caught up.  I pushed.  I made a lot of mistakes, but I kept pushing.

Finally, I graduated from UNA and took the GRE.  I perfected my writing sample.  I worked on my portfolio until I hated it.  Then, I scrapped the majority of it, started over, and created something I love.

I applied to Auburn about a month ago.  I heard back from the MTPC department that they were impressed with my application.  They offered me a position in the program, a tuition waiver, a teaching assistantship, and a stipend.  But, it wasn’t “official” yet.

It wasn’t “official” until yesterday, when I received a congratulations letter from the admissions department.

In August 2014, I will be continuing my studies at Auburn University.  While I’m there, I will study design concepts, coding techniques and composition.  In my second year, I will teach three classes of college freshmen.

I’m very excited, but I’m also terrified.  I’ll be four hours from home.  I only know two people there.  I will be very alone.  Independence is so much easier when home is an hour away.

It’s a lot of change, happening very quickly.  This is a big deal for me.  I take a lot of deep breaths when I think about moving away, and I remind myself that God’s in it and that I will be fine.

I also tell myself this:


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But, I know that it will be good for me.  And I feel that it is right.

Thanks for hanging around.  You guys are the best.  🙂


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