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A Review of I Was There by Chris Martin

cm_i_was_thereA few weeks ago, author Chris Martin  invited bloggers to review his book I Was There.  As an incentive to review his work, he was offering to give each reviewer a free e-book.  At the time, I thought, “Hey, this dude seems alright.  I want to give his book a try.”  So, I shot him an email wherein I went full Katniss (“I VOLUNTEER!!”) partly because I generally enjoy helping others, but mostly because FREE BOOK.  That same day, lo, his e-book was in my inbox.

To be perfectly honest, the book surprised me.  It was fresh and exciting, and it gave me a deeper understanding of the Bible.  Martin writes Biblical stories from the first person perspective.  So, you don’t watch as Abraham leads his son up the hill.  You are in Abraham’s head.  You are taking that walk with him.  You are privy to his thoughts and fears and prayers.  It is such a simple change, but it is so powerful!

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A Review of Content Rules by Ann Handley & C.C. Chapman

This book has reshaped the way that I think about blogging, SEO, and content generation.

Not only is the material easy to understand, but it is accompanied by practical examples and the information is helpful and informative.

I’ve read plenty of books and blog posts about blogging.  None of them compare to this book.

I feel like I may be complimenting it too much, so let me add that I’m in no way affiliated with this book or the authors.  I will get zilch if you buy this book.  I am only sharing something that I honestly believe to be helpful.

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