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How to Treat Your Critique Partner: 5 Simple Guidelines that Will Dramatically Change Your Relationship

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It happens to all of us.

You have finally finished writing something.  You put your life-blood into it.  It is your baby.  Your precious baby.

Only, it isn’t so precious.  Once you start looking at it analytically, you realize that it needs more work.  And the longer you look, the more work you think it needs.  Suddenly, that precious baby is this ugly monster that you’re responsible for.

Don’t fret, Dr. Frankenstein, I’m here to help.

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8 Ways to Minimize Distraction

I work at a writing center, so I see a lot of writers each day.  Most of them want help with common issues like grammar and organization.  There are those rare gems who ask me for writing advice, though.  And the most common question I get in that regard is “how do you write?”.

I’ve mentioned my writing process before.  For a while, I answered my clients by talking about the things that I included in my post.  Usually the client nods along with me, and I hope that I am being helpful.

It was not until last week when a particularly outspoken client asked me a follow-up question – interrupting me, even, as I tried to tell her about my writing process.  She asked, “but how do you find the time?”.  Aha.  My clients don’t care about my process.  They care about how I get the work done in this distracting world we live in.

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Time Management Part 1

I’ve seen this tweet popping up everywhere, probably because it is a universal truth.  Our daily tasks aren’t hard individually, but managing them within a strict time frame is!

If you’re reading this, you are most likely bad at managing your time.  Don’t worry.  I’m bad at it, too.  In fact, part of my inspiration for writing this particular post stems from my own time management struggles.

Just the other day, a friend asked me what my weekly schedule is like. It was then that I realized that I have – literally – no spare time!  How can I be so busy?

That’s what sparked the idea for this post.  I know I’m probably not the only bad time manager, so I decided to share how I’ve been better managing it lately. Continue reading Time Management Part 1