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July Linklove (Cartoons, Agents , YA Top Picks)

‘Tis time for my monthly linklist, where I share all of the wonderful sites that have kept me entertained, motivated, and inspired throughout the month.

But first, this amazing cartoon by Grant Snider.  I saw this at the perfect time: fully submerged in Camp NaNo, #WriteMotivation, and my 90 Day Novel Challenge.

The Story Coaster by Grant Snider via The New York Times

Great cartoon, right?

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Signing Your e-Book Over to a Publisher May Put You at Risk!

So, you have written your novel and slaved over the unkempt manuscript until you edited it to perfection. You set up a account and found someone willing to do your cover art for a reasonable rate. You learned more about ISBNs than you ever wanted to and did a little happy dance when your first proof arrived. Then, you sent your novel to and bragged to friends and relatives about your newly published book.

Your book gained recognition and a publisher contacted you! Finally, you were published by a “real” publisher and you were ready to start earning “real” profit!

Then, you received a disturbing bit of information. contacted everyone who bought your self-published book and offered to give them refunds. Only, will not be giving the refund. YOU will!   Continue reading Signing Your e-Book Over to a Publisher May Put You at Risk!