Hire Me

My educational background and extracurricular activities have prepared me to write in a variety of forms.  If it needs written or designed, I’m your girl.

To book any of these gigs, simply use the contact form a the bottom of this page.


I’ve edited everything from short stories to business documents.

Rate: Negotiable.  Send 500 words of your document to jessielambertwrites@gmail.com and I will let you know my rate.  


Writers improve best with feedback.  I will give you paragraph-by-paragraph feedback on anything you send me, whether it be a short story, narrative nonfiction, business document, book chapter, etc.  I’ve been in six writer’s circles in the past three years, and I know how to give relevant and helpful feedback.

Rate: Negotiable.  I estimate charging no less than $5 per 1,000 words, but that price may change depending on your document.  

Writing Consultations

During my time at UNA’s Center for Writing Excellence, I conducted hundreds of writing consultations and developed a passion for coaching writers.  If you have never had a consultation with a writing coach/consultant, you should definitely make an appointment.  Even if it isn’t with me.  It is something that every writer can benefit from.  If you schedule an appointment with me, you can expect to grow as a writer.  You will bring a piece of writing that we will work on in a cooperative manner.  This means that I will ask questions (“is there a way you can strengthen this?”) rather than taking charge of your writing as I would in an editing gig (“this sentence is weak”).  Through our Q&A session, I will guide you to look at your writing in a new way.   It sounds odd.  It is.  It isn’t like a writer’s circle or an editing conference.  It is designed not to perfect the document we look at but to improve the author of that document.  Please, give it a try.

Rate:  $10 per 30 minute session. 

Brochure Design

Need a professional brochure?  I’ve done plenty.  The most recent was for Jack-O-Lantern Farm.

Rate: $50 for most brochures.

Newsletter Template Design

I will create a newsletter template for you that closely matches your website.  This will add continuity between your site and your emails.  Very professional for a small investment.

Rate: $50 for most template designs.


I do so much that it is nearly impossible for me to list it all here.  I coach, speak, teach, write, design, edit, etc.  If you would like to hire me to do something that I may not have mentioned, please ask and I’ll let you know if I have experience and what my rate will be.

Book me.

Using the form below, please let me know what you’d like me to do for you.  We can talk for a bit about specifics, then settle on a price and time-frame.


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