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Here’s to Year 22 (Using My Jelly Beans Wisely)!

I turned 22 today!  It is a little bittersweet, though, because #1 I haven’t achieved as much as I thought I would, and because #2 I am, after all, still alive and well.

(I’m well as long as you overlook the fact that I’ve felt very miserable this week due to allergies.  And they have been pretty rough.  They even settled into my ear and I lost hearing for a couple of days.  Yeah.  That bad.  But, hey, I have mobility and am generally well aside from sniffles and occasional hearing impairment.)

Today I’m a year older, which means that I have to go through the trite crisis where I feel like I’m not achieving anything and set goals for my 23rd year.  I am only human.

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