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Great Used Bookstore in the Florence Area!

I discovered a gem in Florence today!  There is a used bookstore on Darby Drive called Ariana’s Book Exchange.  It is an amazing little store with a buy/trade/sell program and decent rates.

I bought The Pact by Jodi Picoult for $8.00 and it is in great condition.  They have cheaper prices than that, though, with cardboard boxes marked $1 or $2 sitting in each aisle.  I didn’t have time to dig through those, but I will next time!

Every book is 50% off what it was brand new (whatever is marked on the book) plus $0.25.  If you read a book and want to bring it back, you get 25% of what you paid for the book in store credit.  They also buy or trade books if you have any you want to get rid of (I have a pile I will be taking the next time I go).

Do you have a used bookstore in your area?