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The 90 Day Novel Challenge: Final Results

I started the 90 Day Novel Challenge a few months ago, and I paired it with Camp NaNo.

I wanted to review each step and finish it up with some great results.  I wanted to say, “I have a novel, now.  Huzzah!”

But, as my mother tells me, we don’t always get what we want.  And I didn’t get what I was looking for out of this, but I did learn about my writing process.

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Progress Report: CampNano & #WriteMotivation

I have made zero progress.  Literally, none.

But, that’s okay.  Its not like I’ve been completely unproductive.  I have done tons of preparation for camp and work was very crazy this week.  We had some major holdups, a big scare, and I was late getting off every single day.  Bleh!

If you want, you can check last week’s progress report to see how I did.

I have already signed up for August and I think I will be much more productive.  No camp to prep for and I’ll be working less.   I’m excited to get started, so I’m going to go ahead and share my goals now.

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Progress Report: CampNano & #WriteMotivation

I know I’m a few days late on the progress report, but it has been a crazy week!

I did not take youth camp into consideration when I made my goals.  BIG mistake!  I have been crazy with preparations, but I’m also starting to get excited about it.  I love teaching, and I especially love teaching my 10-12 year olds about the Bible.  Win-win.  But lots of prep needed!

Prep aside, this is what I have accomplished so far:

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Progress Report: CampNano & #WriteMotivation

I need a swift kick in the pants this week.  I’ve gotten behind.  I tell myself its because I’m artistic and perfection takes time, but really I just procrastinate.

But, that’s what these progress reports are for, right?  They are designed to make you see your faults and improve.

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