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8 Ways to Minimize Distraction

I work at a writing center, so I see a lot of writers each day.  Most of them want help with common issues like grammar and organization.  There are those rare gems who ask me for writing advice, though.  And the most common question I get in that regard is “how do you write?”.

I’ve mentioned my writing process before.  For a while, I answered my clients by talking about the things that I included in my post.  Usually the client nods along with me, and I hope that I am being helpful.

It was not until last week when a particularly outspoken client asked me a follow-up question – interrupting me, even, as I tried to tell her about my writing process.  She asked, “but how do you find the time?”.  Aha.  My clients don’t care about my process.  They care about how I get the work done in this distracting world we live in.

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