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A Review of I Was There by Chris Martin

cm_i_was_thereA few weeks ago, author Chris Martin  invited bloggers to review his book I Was There.  As an incentive to review his work, he was offering to give each reviewer a free e-book.  At the time, I thought, “Hey, this dude seems alright.  I want to give his book a try.”  So, I shot him an email wherein I went full Katniss (“I VOLUNTEER!!”) partly because I generally enjoy helping others, but mostly because FREE BOOK.  That same day, lo, his e-book was in my inbox.

To be perfectly honest, the book surprised me.  It was fresh and exciting, and it gave me a deeper understanding of the Bible.  Martin writes Biblical stories from the first person perspective.  So, you don’t watch as Abraham leads his son up the hill.  You are in Abraham’s head.  You are taking that walk with him.  You are privy to his thoughts and fears and prayers.  It is such a simple change, but it is so powerful!

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Guest Post by Matthew Gibson: My Book, Dream Catalyst

I’m so excited to introduce our first guest blogger.  Please welcome Matthew Gibson.

Matthew and I went to the University of North Alabama together.  He’s a recent grad (in fact, he was sitting directly in front of me at graduation this December).  He’s fun to talk to and he’s a great writer.  He’s been published in Lights & Shadows, UNA’s literary magazine.  He majored in English with a concentration in professional writing, but has side interests in film and astronomy.

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Progress Report: CampNano & #WriteMotivation

I need a swift kick in the pants this week.  I’ve gotten behind.  I tell myself its because I’m artistic and perfection takes time, but really I just procrastinate.

But, that’s what these progress reports are for, right?  They are designed to make you see your faults and improve.

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